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Wright originally started building his whimsical and realistic fairy doors at home as part of interactive story time with his own children. Realizing how much the little doors delighted his children, he decided to start installing them in public places around town for the children of Ann Arbor to enjoy.

Since 2005, the fairy doors have been brightening venues around the city, starting with Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea and soon gained popularity. Fairy doors have popped up in the wooden doors of the local theater, where children can crouch to see a glimpse of the film meant for fairies’ eyes. Both the public library and hospital have joined the fairytale, letting Wright affix fairy entrances into the facilities. Even the local Google office has given Wright clearance for a fairy door, which reads “Giggle.”

The narrative doesn’t end at the doors. Inside each, Wright has created a meticulously detailed little world, full of stairways, furniture and personal affects from the lives of fairies. Thanks to Wright, Ann Arbor is a place of magic and mystique, and gives local kids (and adults) a chance to indulge their imaginations.

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