For four years running, CLIF Kid has been encouraging kids to get outside and stay active with their CLIF Kid Backyard Game of the Year contest. This nationwide initiative is fun and designed to get kids to explore the great outdoors through imaginative play. This year all kids ages 6 to 12 years are invited to submit an original backyard game idea for the chance to win some awesome prizes. The grand prize this year is a $10,000 scholarship, bike, helmet, and block party for family and friends! Two other kid finalists will win a $1,000 scholarship, bike and helmet as well. During the contest many ready-to-play games will be added to the contest site, so kids can share their games, and so that parents and educators can grab a fun game and use it to inspire outdoor play. Keep reading to learn how to enter.

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Image: CLIF Kid 2013 Backyard Game Finalist – Soccer Around the World

All game entries must be submitted by July 3, 2014, and this year, kids can enter as many games as they’d like. All games submitted MUST BE created by youth, not parents, and entries must be games that can be played outside by kids ages 6-12 with two or more kids participating at once. The game cannot require overly fancy/expensive/exclusive equipment, though basic outdoor play elements easy for families to obtain, such as balls, hula hoops and other household items that parents typically allow kids to play with, may be used.  Games should be creative, imaginative and allow for hours of fun playtime in the backyard, plus they may include story elements such as role playing. Games may not promote violence. Three finalists will be chosen in early July. CLIF Kid will be selecting the top three games based on creativity, uniqueness and likelihood the game was created by a kid. The top three games will then be shared on the CLIF Kid Facebook page and the public will vote for the winner July 21st-28th. If your kids need some game inspiration, have them check out the already posted games at the contest website.

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Lead Image: CLIF Kid 2013 Backyard Game Winner – Card Sharks