Eperfa is a Hungarian company that makes beautiful wooden toys inspired by two areas of their home country: the Balaton lake and the hills around Budapest. For example, their Upland Blocks are inspired by the architecture of the surrounding area of Lake Batalon, the largest lake in Hungary, while their Fishes of Batalon showcase the various fish that live in the lake. Their wooden play sets can be used as puzzles or blocks and also teach your child about the animals, plants and fish of Hungary. Additionally, all the sets combine perfectly, allowing your child to build a large world of animals, structures and greenery.

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All of Eperfa toys are colored to represent the lovely shades of the areas, including the hazy greens of the lake, the rosy shades of the sunsets, and, as Eperfa puts it, “a thousand shades of blue of the Buda hills.” The company uses natural materials for their toys and packaging whenever possible, such as wood from the forest’s of Pilis Park Forestry Company. All items are handmade so when you buy a set of Eperfa’s blocks you’re getting a one-of-a-kind collection. Eperfa’s play sets are not recommended for children under the age of 3 years due to potential small parts.

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+ Birds Of The Hillside Egg Petanque $44.00

+ Uplands blocks £31.00

+ The Hillside Forest Set $52.002

+ Fishes of Batalon £31.00

+ Eperfa