Talk about getting an early start in politics! Vittoria Cerioli, daughter of European Parliament member Licia Ronzulli, has been attending parliamentary sessions since she was just over a month old. Little Vittoria first showed up in slings and wraps and has since taken a more active role in the sessions as a toddler, even play voting alongside her mom. Licia has said that she began taking her daughter to Parliament sessions as a show of support for women’s rights and to spark dialogue about creating a work/family life balance. She has also cited another very practical reason for those initial cozy visits: she was breastfeeding her daughter at the time. Whatever Licia’s reasons or motives, bringing her daughter to work clearly shows her dedication to her job and her family and that those in government positions face the same parenting balancing act as the rest of us. Perhaps by the time Vittoria is old enough to become a real member of Parliament, governments around the world will be providing fair, equal, and compensated family leave.

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Photos © Vincent Kessler and Jean-Marc Loos for Reuters