We fully admit that we enjoyed The LEGO Movie as much as our kiddos, so we laughed out loud when we saw the prototype for a hair bike helmet that makes the wearer look like a LEGO figure. Along with being fun, this helmet serves a very important function: to protect vulnerable little heads while cycling. The initial design idea was the brainchild of two ad agency employees who wanted to create a product that kiddos would be excited to wear while biking. They partnered with Danish design company MOEF to fabricate a version that would include traditional cycling safety features but that would also be irresistible to young LEGO fans.

Considering that 44% of children don’t wear a helmet while riding a bike and that a child sustains a serious head injury every fifth hour, this LEGO-inspired helmet is a super kid-friendly tactic for protecting those little noggins while earning a laugh or two from their peers. If this helmet goes to production, may we suggest a Wyldstyle version in our size as well? We just know we could rock those blue and pink hair stripes on our morning commute.

via Bored Panda

Images by MOEF