Although BPA may have (finally) been banned from baby bottles and a general consensus about its toxic potential has been reached… don’t relax yet. A new database from the Environmental Working Group demonstrates that BPA is still widely used in nearly 16,000 food and drink items. The EWG’s list is actually based on a food industry list that was previously compiled as part of a California proposition requiring a consumer warning for chemicals. The warnings in California, in addition to being difficult to find, are often placed at the checkout counter, which is basically the parental equivalent of the finish line at a marathon when shopping with kids. Even if parents do notice the warning at checkout, they are unlikely to get out of line in search of a BPA-free product. The EWG’s version is much more user-friendly, listing brands and products in an easily searchable fashion so that parents can check it out before or during their shopping excursions. While we are often cautious of BPA lurking in canned food (even organic), we were surprised at the prevalence of BPA found in the lids of glass containers as well as coffee cans, soda cans, even aerosol cans like those used for whipped cream or cooking spray. BPA is used in 126 billion food cans manufactured in the U.S. each year. The EWG’s list is a handy one to have around to make sure your family isn’t buying them. Check out their Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 produce lists while you’re at it.

+ EWG’s BPA database

via Healthy Child Healthy World and the Environmental Working Group

Image via EWG