Being a mother is priceless — but what about the associated responsibilities, tasks, and jobs? The folks at have actually quantified how much Mom’s work (outside of, you know, an actual paid profession) is worth, and it’s kind of unbelievable: $90,222 for working moms and $143,000 for stay-at-home moms. (What we want to know as well is what a work from home mom would earn…) These “salaries” consider the fact that the average working mom logs about 59 hours a week completing household and family-related tasks— and that number jumps to 92 hours for stay-at-home moms. These listed tasks include laundry machine operator, event planner, psychologist, plumber, and cook. We’d like to add birthday present buyer, person who actually puts the toilet paper roll in its holder, and bedtime wild animal tamer. The site offers some nifty infographics to explain the calculations and emphasizes how moms’ roles have changed and expanded greatly over the years. Since our society puts so much emphasis on professional value, even SAHMs who love their decision to stay with their kiddos can have doubts about their self-worth, despite the fact that they are making invaluable efforts each and every day. Plug your responsibilities in to the site’s salary calculator and you’ll instantly feel better knowing that you’re making a six figure contribution (or more truly, an off-the-charts, priceless contribution) to your family even if you don’t have the actual paycheck to show for it., by the way, has a way to create a printable paycheck if you are so inclined. Interestingly, experts believe the value of moms’ non-paid work has increased significantly over the years due to a more significant role managing technology. That’s not just referring to how you police your kids’ screentime, however. It’s accounting for the amount of time moms spends purchasing things on the computer, keeping friends and families up-to-date through social media, and organizing budgets and photos. For the record, moms are worth three times as much as dads when it comes to household tasks!

Moms out there, we hope you spend Mother’s Day exactly how you’d like: you’ve definitely earned it!

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