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Biddy is not one to live life cooped up indoors. The three-year-old male African pygmy hedgehog is far more suited to trotting across the beach, hiking trails, and taking in the view from mountaintops. Although he is featured through an online platform, you can be sure that more often than not, the  most recent snapshot is just a brief interlude before he is off on his next mission to experience the world around him.

Having a mission can be the best kind of motivation for kids and adults alike to get outside. Whether it is collecting memories via photograph with your beloved pet, identifying new plant and animal species, or picking up trash at a park near your home is all it takes to get off the couch is a solid goal. Once out into nature, a sense of wonder quickly takes over and finding something interesting to investigate is easy. Of course, having someone to share discoveries with is always gratifying, be it friend, family member, or prickly little hedgehog.

Take note that if you are thinking of bringing a pet along on your next excursion, some animals are not legal to own in certain states, and parks have their own regulations regarding non-human species inside their borders. Go over the rules before you embark on a trip! Until then, you can always follow Biddy on his Instagram account at “biddythehedgehog”.

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