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Extraordinary Playscapes shows off 40 of the world’s coolest playgrounds, in a comprehensive exhibition featuring sketches, photos, videos, scale models and interactive exhibits. From the hanging crocheted canopies of the Takino Rainbow Nest in Japan to the sustainable timber forest-inspired Esplanade Playspace in Boston, the exhibition celebrates the designers that think outside the box with regard to play time.

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In addition to showing off the featured architects and designers’ work, Extraordinary Playscapes also shows how these designers act as advocates for creative play in an increasingly digital world. Each playground featured displays interactive, sustainable designs that are meant to create innovative environments that appeal to youngsters.

The playgrounds highlighted also encourage outdoor exercise, offering a place for kids to play in healthy environments outside of schools, which could suffer play time cutbacks. Extraordinary Playscapes also features public programming and workshops, in an effort to inspire a generation of more creative play.

The Extraordinary Playscapes exhibit opens June 8th, 2016 and runs through September 5th, 2016.

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