As concerns of oversharing about our kids on social media (aka “sharenting”)  and as children’s privacy violations grow, Facebook will be putting into place a new safety feature that will alert parents before they share an image of their children wth the public. Jay Parikh, Facebook’s VP of Engineering, explained at an event in England that parents would automatically receive a warning if they uploaded a photo with children that would be shared with the public. With about 2 billion photographs uploaded to Facebook every day, there’s sure to be a considerable amount of photos that are posted publicly that were supposed to remain private. Parikh affirmed that advances in artificial intelligence would make it possible to analyze the content of images beforehand to determine whether an alert should be sent. Artificial intelligence will also be used to make it easier for Facebook to remove objectionable content. Details remained scant about these innovations, but perhaps a warning would encourage oversharing parents to consider whether the kid post would be better sent only to other family members. Parikh shared this news in a summary of future plans that also included virtual reality settings and updated features that would better allow blind or visually impaired Facebook users a more descriptive experience.

via Evening Standard

Lead image via Shutterstock