Parents always wonder what outfit to dress their kids in for school picture day — but the members of the Gose family of Brownsburg, Indiana don’t need to think twice as they continue a family tradition of sustainable fashion, by passing down a 61 year-old sweater perfect for first grade school pictures. Seven year-old Brady Gose is the fifth boy in his family to sport the historic sweater for picture day. Brady’s great-uncle first wore the sweater in 1954, and since the Gose family has taken great care of the family relic, proving that good taste never goes out of style.

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Image ©Chuck Gose

Slow fashion comes in many forms — from investing in quality, sustainably-made garments, to good old-fashioned hand-me-down family heirlooms. The Gose Family’s savored gray sweater not only shows the quality of the garment made over a half-century ago, but also its classic style that has withstood the various style changes and trends of three generations.

The Gose’s sweater tradition began when Brady’s father and uncles were given the sweater to wear by their grandmother, as a fun way to create a family activity to pass down amongst the generations. Brady’s father, who wore the sweater himself in 1982, made a pledge to continue the tradition after his own father passed away in 1999.

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The heirloom sweater has made little Brady a star in his hometown, garnering the attention of local and national news alike. Brady wore the 61 year-old sweater with family pride. The Gose’s story highlights the importance of family bonds and traditions, and is also a testament to the durability of well-made clothing. Brady plans to pass on the sweater to his children someday.

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Images ©Chuck Gose