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Rosie Kemp and her daughter were walking around their neighborhood in Nassau, Bahamas, when they came across the lonely and injured baby raccoon. After searching for the little raccoon’s mother, the Kemps realized she was nowhere to be found. Having rescued two dogs in the past, the mother and daughter decided they could not leave the adorable baby raccoon on the street, and took her home.

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Now named Pumpkin, the baby raccoon quickly bonded with her adopted family — including the Kemps’ two dogs! When she first got to the Kemp household, Pumpkin was still pretty tiny, so the family bottle-fed her to make sure she grew at a normal pace.

Over the next few months, Pumpkin grew, and began to bond with the family dogs. She became more and more comfortable, and now acts like she is one of the hounds (and the dogs treat her as such)! The dogs play and wrestle with Pumpkin, they cuddle and lick each other, and even sleep together.

Pumpkin has grown close to the Kemps, trusting her new human family and adapting to life out of the wild. The Kemps love their cute new pet, and let Pumpkin roam free just like her canine brothers.

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