The concept of family time and togetherness has evolved quite a bit over the years and often includes electronic media in one form or another. For many of us, the concept of playing and spending time with our kids can seem completely at odds with our work life. One family in Indiana, however, has turned together time into a family business in which every member (down to the youngest of eight children, ages 6-17) participates: Goat Milk Stuff. After PJ Jonas discovered her go-to baby and kids’ wash was filled with less than desirable ingredients, she began toying with what eventually has become a family enterprise — creating a natural and nourishing goat milk-based line of soaps. Goat milk has been used for centuries in skin care products for helping with dry skin as well as for issues such as eczema and rosacea. For the Jonas family, their business has become an integral part of the family’s life and a source of pride for the children.

Using raw, hormone and antibiotic-free milk from the Jonas family’s goats, the family makes, cut, packages, and sells a variety of soaps made from natural essential oils and other ingredients such as coconut oil. In addition to the numerous soaps (including special soaps to combat poison ivy and and an organic castile soap that is especially good for babies) Goat Milk Stuff also offers a natural bug spray and even goat milk-based laundry products. Each child in the family takes on a variety of roles in making and marketing the soap and other products and also helps out with feeding and caring for the beloved goats. We love the way this family has made their lives into a venture that supports their lifestyle and allows them to spend time learning, working, and playing together and with the lovable creatures on whom they dearly rely.

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