Eco-fashionistas have a penchant for maternity wear that will stretch with their waistline and their wardrobe — retaining its fashionable place in the closet long after baby is born. Designer Hayley Starr’s Fancy dress is a highly versatile wardrobe staple that will befit burgeoning bellies as beautifully as it graces a new mom’s postpartum physique. It may be worn 110 different ways, making it the ultimate addition to every woman’s evolving repertoire.

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Made from figure flattering Modal, a silky smooth fabric derived from beechwood cellulose, the reversible Fancy dress is available in a palette of fall colors including: olive, violet, midnight blue, black, and brown in sizes 0-16. Starr hopes to “inspire confidence, happiness and beauty” in the women who wear her pieces and to “break the transient, disposable, single-season mentality prevalent in modern day fashion.”

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+ Hayley Starr Fancy Dress $280

+ Hayley Starr