The FarFar Play Barn is a fresh, eco-friendly spin-off of a classic children’s toy. This cheery barn is made of birch plywood and lacquered in non-toxic paint, a delightful upgrade from the plastic play barns of yesteryear. Easy to assemble and deconstruct, its red wood doors slide open, and the folding roof flips up to allow happy farm animals to come and go. The FarFar Play Barn is a new piece by Nico Schweizer, member of the impressive and imaginative design company Zatopek & Fitzgerald. Animals are not included, but you may bring the barn to life with a unique array of MOMOLL interchangeable birch creatures, such as a llama, a deer, a crocodile, a camel, an elephant, and a moose, who match the barn perfectly, and will allow young farmers to think outside the typical barnyard box.

+ FarFar Play Barn $186

+ Momoll Enzo Wooden Animal Set $90