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Each summer, an average of 20 European children die due to heatstroke after being left inside a hot car. The United States doesn’t fare much better, with an estimated 20 to 32 children dying each year from car-related heatstroke. There are many ways to protect your child from heatstroke, but one of the most ingenious may be an innovative new device called Opel Gabriel. Invented by Kenny Devlieger, a father of two sons, Opel Gabriel watches over your child like a guardian angel. The Opel Gabriel invention was submitted as part of the Opel Smart Options project and Opel, loving the idea, later perfected the option with help from LDV United and Achilles Design. Read on to see how it works!

Opel Gabriel is a small key ring device that connects wirelessly to a pressure-sensitive mat made to fit every kind of child seat. If a driver leaves the car, forgetting their child, thus leaving the child seat occupied, an initial warning will sound to alert the driver. After the first alarm sounds, the mat constantly measures the temperature inside the car. Once the mat temperature reaches higher than 28 degrees Celsius, the heat alarm on the key ring will go off, warning the driver that they should return immediately to the car. This potentially life-saving device was conceived in a way so that it’s compatible with any vehicle, of any make or model. Hopefully we’ll be seeing it on the market soon.

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