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Image of Mae Jemison © NASA

Marc Bushelle is a New York-based photographer, and what began as a family project to celebrate Black History Month and Women’s History Month has turned into a wonderful learning experience for Lily. By showing her educational videos and reading books about each of the amazing women she was dressing up as, Lily is getting a deeper understanding of the lives and times of these accomplished females, all while playing dress up!

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This beautiful and poignant photo series raises awareness of numerous important and amazing African-American women, including writer Toni Morrison, aviator Bessie Coleman, astronaut Mae Jamison, Admiral Michelle Howard (the highest ranking African-American woman in the U.S. military), performer Josephine Baker, and singer/model Grace Jones. Replicated and photographed with a tremendous eye for detail, Bushelle’s images of his daughter alongside actual photos of the honored women create an uplifting and positive message for all young girls. To make the images accessible to all, Bushelle loaded them to his Facebook page. We hope he continues this series starring his luminous and vivacious daughter, so we can all learn more about African-American women throughout history.

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Lead Image of Bessie Coleman © National Air and Space Museum

All images of Lily © Marc Bushelle

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