One dad is China is now a superhero to his son, having spent a month making an amazing Iron Man suit… by hand. Chu Huan spent around $49 USD on supplies to make an incredibly life-like suit for his son from hand cut plastic sheets. The impressive golden costume rivals the Iron Man ensemble featured in the movies, and transforms the loving dad into a literal superhero for his son to play with.

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The doting dad Huang works hard all week as a doctor, and he was concerned with missed quality time with his son due to career demands. The doc decided to bring his son’s penchant for superheroes to life by creating a DIY project that they could both be involved with. With no costume-building experience, Huang set off to start designing the suit, pouring through websites and forums for tips to make the perfect Iron Man outfit. After a month of research, he felt ready to begin construction of the costume.

Each evening after work, Huang, along with his son, began the careful process of building the jointed suit. Huang’s son looked on as he drafted the design on EVA plastic sheets, hand cut pieces, and spray painted them gold. Once the pieces were cut and painted, Huang jointed them together to make a working, movable suit.

Huang’s version is customized for his son, replacing the red with brilliant gold, and also a painting of the Chinese flag on the chest. Huang’s son loves playing with his incredible DIY “Iron Dad”!

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