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Father Yu Zhilin is a bit of a Renaissance man: he’s a farmer by trade, but studied fine arts in school and decided to use his artistic skills to build his own Transformers models as a sort of side business. The father-son duo build their models in an abandoned factory building, relying on used car parts to form the creations’ foundations. While Zhilin’s first creation took three years to complete, he and his son are now in a groove and made over $160,000 last year on their models. As you can see from the pictures, whoever purchased these huge Transformers must have quite the backyard space! Transformer fans have literally been lining up to see the models in real life, and we can only guess the mania will continue when the next Transformers installment comes out in 2016.

If you’ve got a Transformers-loving tot, it might be better if you skip sharing these pics with her. After seeing these larger-than-life models, she’ll be begging for her very own for sure!

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All images © Sina via Shanghaiist