Philadelphia’s latest sweet sensation isn’t a new cupcake shop or bakery — it’s a bank! The Penn’s Landing neighborhood was recently treated with the aromatic fragrances of a functioning PNC Bank, made entirely from a whopping 5,000 pounds of gingerbread! The tasty bank was baked up to promote PNC’s annual Christmas Price Index.

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Edible architecture at Christmas time usually relegates itself to countertop size, but PNC decided to push its limits, by enticing customers with a life-size gingerbread bank. The functioning bank offers existing customers a working ATM to withdraw funds for buying holiday presents, or newly enchanted customers a chance to open a new account. The bricks, ornamental birds and festive trim were all baked nearby, before being assembled near the Philadelphia waterfront.

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Built by the Design Compendium and baked by Bredenbeck’s Bakery, the gingerbread bank, which took six months to design, took only four days to ice and glaze together. Inspired by existing historic banks like the Williamsburgh Savings Bank in Brooklyn, the Met Life Building and Art Deco design, the ginger-smelling bank features frosted columns and candy cane trim.

Although the PNC Gingerbread Bank looks delicious, it’s sadly just for show. In order to preserve the structure through the winter weather, the delectable gingerbread was treated with a protective sealant that has rendered the sweet treat totally inedible.

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