We all remember the video game Tetris, and now kids can have their own addictive version of the game in larger than life, modular block form. Tetris by Feelgood Designs, a recent debut at Doing it for the Kids are large building blocks that double as furniture pieces for children. Blocks may be arranged in any number of imaginative formations, allowing your child to leave his own creative mark on his living space. Tetris blocks are made of fireproof sofficel and covered with washable self-extinguishing and water repellent ecosoftx (a PVC-free, rubber latex-free material) removable covers. All of Feelgood Design’s products are made in Italy, and are the result of ongoing collaboration between designers, architects and the world-renowned schools at Reggio Emilia.

+ Tetris is available to purchase in sets or single pieces directly from Feelgood Designs.

+ Feelgood Designs

[Images via Feelgood Designs and Flickr]