An official Chinese newspaper recently reported that female infants in China who were fed formula made by a company called Synutra have been growing breasts. Yes, you read that right – infants growing breasts. Recent tests have shown that these babies have levels of estrogen equal to what would be normal for an adult woman. Although there is evidence that the tainted formula is the cause of this horrifying situation, Synutra says they are not to blame and, “no man-made hormones or any illegal substances were added during the production of the milk powder.”

Synutra’s response to the allegations has been very aggressive. They recently issued a statement saying they had, “100 percent confidence” and they are willing to cooperate with an investigation. Synutra’s chief executive, Liang Zhang states, “We have worked closely with state authorities, including the Chinese Dairy Association and the office of food safety, to test product samples, to prove that these claims are false. We expect that the results of these tests should be made public soon.”

This shocking report brings up an even bigger problem – if Synutra is not responsible, then who or what is to blame? There is evidence that it could be attributed to bovine growth hormones that are often injected into dairy cows.

Via The Huffington Post