LEGO CUUSOO, is a site where members may submit LEGO design ideas to be considered to become future actual LEGO products. The site also allows members to vote on submitted projects. If designs get enough support and if LEGO thinks they’re good too, a design heads to a quarterly review phase where a “LEGO Review Board” composed of designers, product managers, and other key team members will consider the idea for consumers. The review board builds concept models, makes sure the design is fun and safe and then comes to a decision about either green-lighting the project for development or not. Back in April 2012, LEGO CUUSOO member Alatariel submitted a Female Minifigure Set project. This Female Minifig idea is meant to help increase the amount of female minifigs LEGO has, which as of now is astoundingly few compared to male minifigs. Alatariel designed various female minifig project ideas, but has settled on a versatile Research Institute of women minifigs including the labs of the Astronomer, the Paleontologist, and the Chemist as shown above. Alatariel notes:

“The motto of these Scientists is clear: explore the world and beyond! The Astronomer discovers new stars and planets with the telescope, the Paleontologist studies the origin of the dinosaurs and the Chemist does experiments in the laboratory.”

In creating these girl-friendly LEGO designs,  Alatariel gained the support of the Brave Girls Alliance, who kicked off a petition, encouraging people to support Alatariel’s project.

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Image courtesy of Shutterstock

The  Brave Girls Alliance’s petition quickly gathered over 37,677  (and counting) supporters, which in turned helped the female minifig project gather 10,000 supporters, which means the project is approved for review by the LEGO Review Board this September. If approved, this project heads into the longest phase of the project, the Development phase, which includes getting the project made and ready for mass distribution. After that, consumers would be able to purchase this design. We think it’s a great idea. LEGO in any form is a brain building activity for kids — and young girls especially may benefit as activities like LEGO may help them achieve better success in math and science arenas. However, as much as we love LEGO, we’d be remiss if we didn’t agree that LEGO is sadly lacking in female minifigs. Hopefully this project will see the light of day, be produced and then girls (and boys) everywhere will be able to build and imagine with LEGO lady scientists!

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