The small Toronto-based design company, Fidoodle, offers a great line of toys for young kids (or for those of us who are young at heart). Their online store features mini-blocks, pillows, t-shirts, plush toys and clever wooden puppet puzzles. What’s a puppet puzzle you ask? Read on.

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The most attractive offerings in the Fidoodle catalogue are a series of limited edition, hand-screened puzzles constructed from wood, wool felt and non-toxic ink. Each ¾ inch thick puzzle piece also fits atop a ‘stick,’ and can be stacked, or used as a refrigerator magnet. Jen Bulthuis, CFO (Chief Fidoodling Officer), sticks to natural materials such as “birch of well-managed forests, sheep wool, organic cotton and some recycled fabrics” when constructing her small line of creations.

To help the fun along, each puzzle has an accompanying story booklet with a tale that is “based on adapted fairytales and myths.” Kids will recognize classic favorites such as ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ and ‘Cinderella,’ while the tale of Icarus will get parents in on the storytelling. But not for long, as “Fidoodlers (those who play with Fidoodle objects)… make up stories, build things, and continue the artful process of imagining.”

+ Fidoodle Puppet Puzzles start at $85

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