Never underestimate the power of a creative kid on a mission. Last November, when Bethany Kuster heard about a school in Alabama that had very limited craft supplies (only one box of crayons for the entire fourth grade class!), she sought out the help of her siblings and classmates. Ultimately, her Pennsylvania school successfully collected and shipped two large crates of art supplies to the school. While that generous effort is admirable enough, it was only the beginning for Brittany. More than 100,000 crayons later, Bethany is continuing with her mission of promoting creativity through art in school-age kids with her non-profit Color for Kids. Bethany, a wise beyond her years fifth-grader who says she loves art and color of every kind, has turned her own enjoyment of art into a true passion project.

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Color for Kids has collected over 3,000 pounds of art supplies and has put them into the eager hands of more than 3,000 children in Philadelphia, New York, Montana, Louisiana, and even distant Nepal. For many of the children, the gifts from Bethany and her supporters mark the first time they have been the personal recipients of art supplies. As many were living in homeless shelters or family temporary housing, the art supplies were a simple, generous, and thoughtful way to promote art and expression in a low-key, kid-friendly way. After all, who doesn’t love to color? In addition to providing crayons, Color for Kids has an impressive list of art supplies that they have shared including more than 19,000 markers, 364 construction paper packs, 788 watercolor paint sets, 274 boxes of chalk, and 25,000 colored pencils. Like any good philanthropist in the making, Bethany has created a variety of resources so that other kids can also start collecting supplies as well. Slowly but surely, Bethany is working towards her dream of making sure that every child has his or her own box of crayons — to make this world a brighter and more colorful place.

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