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The open space of the venue’s first floor is divided up into semi-private sections by a timber fence, hanging bench, and a series of pitched-roof tent structures that house long tables. The tent structures, called Fun Houses, look like forts within the restaurant, and house a table for adults, and two areas for kids.

Beyond the timber fence in a protected area is a flexible play space, with different areas for play and relaxing for children. Cantante made the furniture and finishings with local natural wood, and local cork to absorb sound in the kids areas. One Fun House is full of games and activities for young toddlers to play on the floor. The other Fun House has an activity table for drawing, painting and solving puzzles. Rather than regular chairs for the kids, the table has eight individual swings, so kids can playfully sit and swing while they eat.

Trained governesses keep kids and babies occupied, comfortable and happy while their parents can leisurely eat and socialize on the other side of the café. We’ll take a table next time we’re in town please!

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