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Image © Cardboard Box Office

A move from New Zealand to Sydney, Australia meant an onslaught of boxes for the Mackies, as they packed up their lives and transported all of their belongings across country lines. As their unpacking added to the ever growing pile of disused cardboard boxes, the couple had the ingenious idea of taking a cue from their own childhood love of making forts, and instead make a grandiose cardboard photo project.

The series of inventive photographs shows Lilly, Leon and baby Orson in adorably familiar scenarios, using the cardboard boxes for the set, costumes and even other characters. The family depicted Hollywood favorites, like The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, starring Orson as Steve Zissou in a cardboard submarine, and aptly changed the title to “Life Domestic.” Other Hollywood hits include Apollo 13, with the family floating in a cardboard space ship, as well as Orson as Tom Hanks in Cast Away, in a sea of fabric complete with cardboard sail and Wilson. Other awesome film scenes they set in cardboard include Diehard, Jurassic Park, Home Alone and of course, Star Wars.

The Mackies proved that a whole lot of fun can be had with an imagination and a cardboard box… at any age. Stay tuned to their website for more ‘box’buster hits to come!

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Images © Cardboard Box Office

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