Let’s face it, we are all trying to do the right thing these days, both as parents and as environmentally conscious consumers. For some, disposable diapers is the best route to go, for others – cloth diapers are the obvious choice. We are certainly not about preaching ‘the diapering gospel’ here at Inhabitots, but for those of you who opt for cloth and are confused about which cloth diaper to buy, here you go!

I have had the opportunity to test several different types of cloth diapers, and I have put together the following list of benefits and drawbacks of each of these options, along with my personal brand choice for each category.

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These diapers, often made out of fleece, are luxuriantly soft and very easy to use. They come in a wide variety of cute colors and don’t require covers or fasteners. They usually feature several snap closures, which make fit adjustments a breeze. The major drawback to this type is the cost. They’re quite expensive, and you’ll have to buy several different sizes before your baby is potty trained. My favorite pocket diaper is Fuzzi Bunz.

One size diapers are very easy to use, featuring many snaps which help the diaper to grow with your baby. They’re usually mid-priced. On the downside, if your baby is a preemie or smaller than average, these diapers likely won’t fit until she grows a bit. These diapers don’t require fasteners, but usually require covers. My brand choice for One-Size diapers is the Mother-ease® One Size Dry Diaper.

These diapers offer the ultimate in easy diapering. No stuffing pockets or searching for fasteners or covers. As the name suggests, these diapers are all in one piece! They come in a bunch of cool colors, too. As for drawbacks, they’re very expensive, and you’ll have to buy different sizes as baby grows. My favorite all-in-one is bumGenius™

This revolutionary diapering system features washable covers and flushable, compostable inserts. These are a great choice for eco conscious parents who can’t or don’t want to wash a bunch of diapers or throw disposables away. I appreciated that these diapers close in the back, which makes them much harder for little hands to open. The gDiapers website is extremely helpful, featuring how-to videos and lots of tips. On the downside, they can be expensive, and they have a different feel than cloth. My daughter, who had worn cloth diapers for two years, wasn’t a big fan of the way gDiapers felt on her bottom at first. After she got used to them, she was fine.

These diapers are definitely the most inexpensive option available. They last practically forever, with minor repairs. These diapers also grow with baby. A wide variety of fabric options exist, including bamboo, hemp, organic, and unbleached cotton. The drawbacks are that they take a bit more time to use because of the folding. They can seem confusing until you get used to them, and they also require fasteners and covers. I loved my Chinese prefold diapers.