Sha’Ree Castlebury, a veteran first grade teacher in Oklahoma, found a creative yet surprisingly simple way to remember her 2015-2016 students: she had them create a piece of unique, wearable art. Over the course of two weeks, each child contributed drawings and pictures to a plain white dress that Castlebury had purchased. Designs included rainbows, hearts, and sock monkeys, as well as summer well wishes and, of course, the kids’ autographs. Castlebury proudly donned the dress for the last day of school, making her attire into a walking art display of the children’s work. In the past, Castlebury, who says she is known at school for her crazy style, has made memory books with her students to celebrate their time together, but she decided to try something new so that she could have a tangible way to remember her students throughout the year. Castlebury and her dress have received tons of support and appreciative messages and emails since she shared the whimsical creation on Facebook. She now plans to make a new dress each year with her class. For the time being, this particular dress will get paraded on special events such as the first day of school next year and open house night. We’re not sure what we’re more impressed with: the way Castlebury made her students feel like proud little artists or how she managed to beat end-of-the-school-year blues and come up with a fun, doable craft that will be a keepsake for years to come.

via Buzzfeed

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