Taking a pregnancy test seems simple enough: unwrap the stick, pee, then wait. But it’s an emotionally charged experience no matter what result you’re hoping for, and during those 180 seconds of wait-time, you may start to wonder if you did it right, if that particular test worked, how much pee is too much or any other number of possible complications. First Response is launching the first ever Bluetooth enabled pregnancy test this spring in order to help women navigate the process and make it more reassuring (and likely also to keep up with the trends of adding a personalized tech aspect to every single element of our lives). Features of the new First Response test, which will retail for about three or four times as much as a traditional pregnancy test, include indications when the urine sample is detected, if the test is working properly, and even options for filling the time. Women can choose Calm Me to listen to meditation music or learn breathing techniques, Entertain Me for Buzzfeed videos, or Educate Me for fertility information. The test results are revealed after the woman enters a designated security code, and the app even suggests what to do next, such as providing reminders for scheduling doctor’s appointments, common questions to ask doctors if the test is positive, or fertility tips and a way to track your menstrual cycle if not. The app even has some sensitivity built into it: women can relay before the results if they are hoping to be pregnant or not and the app will respond to the results accordingly. First Response says the Bluetooth pregnancy test is expected to perform similarly to its other pregnancy tests in terms of accuracy and ability to determine pregnancy as early as 6 days before a missed period. The app also offers pregnancy tracking and cycle tracking even for those who don’t purchase the test.

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via USA Today