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From their simple and stylish beds for all ages to their play tables, storage benches, stools, and bookshelves, FLEXA uses wood exclusively from sustainably managed forests, and takes their eco-commitment seriously — recycling tree stumps, wood shavings, and even sawdust into compressed wood pellets that provide a carbon neutral energy source. The furniture is also coated in an environmentally friendly lacquer that’s free from solvents and toxic coloring agents, so you can sleep as well as your kids do (hopefully) knowing they are surrounded by a healthy environment. Their wide variety of bed styles include single beds, lofted beds, bunk beds, and even several featuring slides, are mainly white or natural wood-colored with contrasting color details.

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If you are starting off a new baby with FLEXA, you can simply buy the baby cot bed, which starts as a crib, but becomes an older child’s bed or a cozy reading nook by simply removing some of the side panels. FLEXA extends this longevity to other products, like their high chair (a 2015 German design award winner) which can be modified into a seat that can accommodate a twelve year-old! We love how their stools, chairs, and certain tables look like they were simply dipped in a bit of color to match the seat or tabletop, showing how just little pops of color can make a huge design difference. For kids who like more hues, FLEXA’s Play line features beds, bookshelves, and storage benches in minty greens, buttery yellows, and rose shades.

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