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Beaumont, known for his company Straightline Designs, has been creating whimsical furniture for years. His House Shelves update the dollhouse we all grew up with, making an adult-friendly version that is as fashionable as it is functional.

Each shelf pays homage to the iconic butterfly house design favored by architects in the 1950s, complete with a peek inside a retro-home. Sleek Mid Century modern furniture adorns each interior, including familiar Eames-like chairs, fireplaces, wood paneled walls, and even pets. Each tableau acts as a shelf, but also as a Surrealist-inspired art piece.

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Everyday items are juxtaposed with model-sized furniture. Lipsticks take on a pop art effect, keys are kept in the comfort of the roof’s curves, and eye glasses take center stage against the backdrop of a living room. Smartphones become TV consoles, and paper mail finds a decorative home until ready to contend with.

The shelves themselves are handmade by Beaumont, who uses industry scraps and recycled materials like scrap wood, plastic laminate and fragments of cork. The functionality contrasted with the sense of scale make Beaumont’s House Shelves a fun way to get organized.

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