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Once the program has started, each food letter will be photographed on a white background such as a poster board or white plate so the Food Font users can share alphabets on the community server. The photographs would then be uploaded to the Food Font website where they would be turned into pictures on the Food Font Design Tool.

This tool will allow users to write with food fonts; align and format spacing; resize, edit and rotate; darken elements and much more. After the Food Font picture is created, users will be able to share through emails and on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and even Pinterest.

Food Font will also have support materials for those who are interested in organizing a Food Font event. The materials will include a photograph tip sheet, alphabet checklist, lesson plans for teachers, and other promotional materials to download and print.

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The Kickstarter campaign will  help Kristen pay a developer and programmer to put together the interactive design tool for the food picture designs. She is also paying teachers that have been helping her to develop the research materials. Kristen needs to raise $10,000 by September 2, 2012 for the project to be funded. If she doesn’t reach her goal, the project will not be funded and everyone who donated will not be charged.

Food Font has several funding options with rewards. For every $5 donated, a Yes sticker will be sent. $25 or more gets a Food Font magnet set of 60 letters. A $45 donation gets everything already listed plus a Food Font picnic pack  with a grocery bag that you can customize with a set of decals. $100 or more donation gets a 13X19 photo print of your choice plus a Yes sticker. A $150 donation will receive a custom new food alphabet out of any food that you choose plus a Yes sticker. $250 donations get a custom new food alphabet, custom 13X19 photo print of your choice, and a Yes sticker. There are more options for higher donations.

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