In Indonesia, 102 orphaned orangutans currently live at an International Animal Rescue facility that functions as a different type of forest school than the ones we usually discuss. The stakes are high (as are the ropes courses) at this unique preschool, designed to teach these young and absolutely adorable orangutans how to live in the wild. Since many of the “students” have been kept illegally as chained up or caged pets or have become the victims of deforestation, these orangutans need help learning how to climb, deciding what they can safely eat, and understanding other survival basics. Orangutans typically remain with their mother for the first seven to eight years of their life with these lessons being taught amongst other orangutans through observation and imitation, and the International Animal Rescue organization has stepped in to create the most natural substitute possible. The Borneo forest school’s goal is for all of the orangutans to be rehabilitated and returned to the wild. Short of being an official paid panda hugger, we can’t think of a cuter or more rewarding job.

 via Great Big Story

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