Old cardboard mailing tubes can be fashioned into your kid’s new hideaway! Designed by Virginia Melnyk, Sukkah Shift is a cavernous cubby complete with stools both inside and out for reading, playing or hiding. Melnyk chose specifically sized tubes to create an undulating effect, with a sunshade ceiling that also allows for stargazing. The varying sized circles were arranged using a computer program to make a delicate arrangement that is also structurally sound. Held together with glue and bolts, the recycled cut tubes can also be affixed together to create other elements like shelves, benches, flower vases or to store objects. The simplicity of materials allows for the shelter to be assembled in a storage area or directly onsite outdoors. The Sukkah Shift appeals to kids of all ages with its cozy interior, while also encouraging recycling and green design with its obvious use of repurposed materials.


via Archinect