When she was only fourteen, the innovative and resourceful Remya Jose transformed an old bicycle gear and spare parts into a pedal-powered washing machine! Jose, now 16, lives in Kizhattoor Panchayat in India, where she and her twin sister were put to the task of handling the family’s laundry. Rather than washing their clothing by hand, the ambitious student designed this brilliant mechanical washing machine that doubles as an exercise bike! Watch the video of this gifted teen and her inspired machine in action after the jump!

Jose and her sister inherited the task of doing the laundry when her mother fell ill and her father was undergoing cancer treatment. With no washing machine at home, the girls were faced with washing laundry by hand or in the river, which is common in rural areas in India. Studying an electric washing machine, Jose decided to try her hand at making her own — replacing the electrical components with something that could be pedal-powered.

The child inventor drew up plans for the simple machine, which includes an aluminum cabin, an iron net wire cylinder connected to a pedal system by a bike chain, and of course a seat. Resembling an exercise bike, Jose had her father bring her diagram to a local auto shop to have the machine built.

To thoroughly wash clothes, water and soap is added to the cabin and left to soak for ten minutes. The user then pedals for three to four minutes, cleaning the clothes inside. A small drain faucet empties out the cabin, which is then refilled with clean water. The final “spin cycle” is achieved by draining the water once more, then pedaling at high gear for another four minutes.

The incredible machine saves electricity and money, while also providing exercise!

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via Better India