Facebook users in France will likely think twice before posting pictures of their bébés: they could face a fine of up to $49,000 or up to a year of jail time. Excusez-moi!?! France has strict privacy laws which prohibit publishing photos of someone without their consent, and this fine could even be applied in the future with children deciding to sue their own parents when they get older. French law also stipulates that if parents are divorced or separated, they also have to consult each other before one posts a picture of their children. France’s police force issued a statement recently reminding parents of the laws and also of the potential online dangers (including sexual predators) that come with posting children’s pictures. The statement came as a response to the recent viral motherhood challenge that asked moms to post three pictures with their kids and then tag other mothers to continue the challenge. Although many American parents continue posting multiple pictures of their children each day on social media, Facebook recently announced that it would introduce an alert to parents each time they tried to post a photo with kids onto their account to determine whether the sharenting was intentional or an accident. Across the Atlantic, the French national police’s statement concluded with this thought: “Sometimes, the good times deserve to be “just” shared in real life!” Oui Oui!

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via People and Digital Trends

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