Tierchen’s dolls are all individually crafted and she describes them as single pieces of art or limited editions. The artist adds that her collection of dolls “originate(d) from the desire to create well-finished toys for my daughter with a design that preserves simplicity. Their balanced and easily recognizable appearance supports the unfolding of the childrens imagination throughout symbolic play.”

Comprised of natural, mainly organic fibers, cotton, wool and wool felt, to give each doll “warm and organic qualities,” and featuring details such as umbilical cords and cotton tricot foulards for the mama and daddy dolls to carry the babydoll, Tierchen explains that every doll she handcrafts is made with love that the child owner will receive “in a completely different manner than relating to toys resulting from an industrial process.”

We think any selection from her endearing collection of dolls would enable older siblings to learn about the beauty and grace of baby’s life unfolding in front of them, through interactive play and love.

+ Frida’s Tierchen Dolls $61.43 – $87.95

+ Frida’s Tierchen