If I had a carbon credit for every time I tell my kid to shut the refrigerator door, I’d be able to travel around the world without leaving a theoretical footprint. Gadget-loving parents need not have that worry thanks to an electronic icebox pet called the Fridgeezoo. Designed to lessen the time spent standing idly in front of an open refrigerator deciding what to retrieve, Fridgeezoo friends audibly remind you that each second that passes equals energy lost.

Currently widely available in Japan, Fridgeezoos come in various animal incarnations and chirp gentle Japanese idioms at their owners. English versions on the other hand apparently engage owners in mild conversation and then abruptly yell “Shut the fridge-ing door!” if users seem to be lost in a culinary quandary… Well, at least according to the funny Think Geek video above.

+ Fridgeezoo, $14.99

+ Think Geek