We think every day spent on this precious planet should be regarded as “Earth Day,” but April 22nd, 2013 is a call to action to every individual on the globe to both celebrate the earth and deliberate on how to become a more eco-conscious inhabitant. Water comprises 71% of the earth’s surface, and we’re highlighting 8 ways your kids can help save the oceans. There’s an abundance of creative activities you can enjoy as a family that will help put the fragility of the planet in perspective, even for the youngest among us — who incidentally can reduce their carbon bumprint and show affinity for Mother Nature by switching to cloth diapers and donning this adorable gPant which reads, “fill the world with love.” Super easy activities for kids to celebrate Earth Day include helping you prepare a meatless meal, and simply heading outdoors to enjoy and appreciate nature. Read our list of 7 ways to celebrate Earth Day as a family, with suggestions ranging from building a bird house to upcycling broken crayons into new art tools. Spend the afternoon taking your kiddos on a hike, or teaching them how to ride a bike. Or set up a home recycling center, using our informative guide. Once you start sorting your recyclables, you will discover there are many green toys you can make yourself out of ordinary household items. Share stories with your children of inspiring kids who are saving the planet with their resourcefulness.