Japanese design studio FunFam makes remembering where to put the salad fork a cinch for eco-conscious kids. The Table Manners set (show above) is made of sustainable and durable bamboo, and fits together like a puzzle. Each utensil has its own special place designated with course icons that are sure to make your kid a grade-A place-setter in the future. No more “but I don’t know where it goes” excuses. The place settings were designed with families in mind, with the hopes of bringing a little bit of fun to the dining room table, or the picnic table with FunFam’s bagged set.

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The Table Manners set includes a separate plate or bowl and utensil for each of 5 courses: appetizer, soup, fish, meat and dessert. Individual course sets are also available and are all offered in two different bamboo shades. Can’t get to a Japanese department store? Contact FunFam directly to check on international shipping. Also, be sure to visit the FunFam recipe blog even if you can’t read Japanese, for the painfully adorable photos of kids meals