Teaching kids to care for the planet from a young age is vital to creating long-term eco-conscious habits. Funkins reusable cloth napkins put the “fun” in learning how to leave a lighter footprint with their adorable designs and bold colors. What kid wouldn’t want to find one of these cute 15×13 inch, double-sided napkins (that double as a placemat) lining an Easter basket, or tucked into a picnic basket, beach cooler or waste-free lunch? But don’t just think of Funkins as an on-the-go accessory — they’re a great everyday alternative to disposable napkins. It’s easy to choose a few designs each family member will love, so everyone knows which is their napkin on your dining room table. Each Funkin napkin also features a hand-sewn label for the owner’s name. From sports and holiday themed napkins to an array of animals, cars, dolls, dinosaurs, mermaids, ballerinas and many more, the bright prints and delightful designs will add cheer to every snack or meal. Still need a reason to make the switch? Ponder this staggering stat: over 3,460,000 tons of paper towels and napkins end up in landfills every year.

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