Worried about the state of the school lunches your child is eating? If not, you seriously need to be. School lunches, on average are in an abysmal state. Most schools don’t serve enough fresh veggies and fruit and other healthy fare, and even fewer schools serve local and/or organic food choices. In fact, on average, the US spends just $1 per student, per lunch – not enough! Luckily, now you can do something. Gap has joined forces with FEED Projects founders Lauren Bush and Ellen Gustafson to introduce FEED USA, a new school lunch initiative and exclusive bag collection designed to help bridge the gap in America’s school lunch programs.

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The bags, exclusively co-designed for Gap by Lauren Bush and Patrick Robinson, Gap’s EVP of Global Design – are a mix of denim and canvas styles. For every FEED USA Bag purchased, Gap will donate $5 to school lunch programs to help improve food and nutrition education. When you buy one of these limited edition bags you’ll get a special code so you can select where your donation will go based on teacher-led requests. You get a great reusable bag. Kids get healthier school lunches. It’s a win-win situation!

FEED USA bags are available in select Gap stores starting September 10th. By September 20th all Gap stores in the U.S. will be carrying the collection. You can take a look at the bags right now online.

FEED USA Bags – $29.50-$39.50 – available exclusively at Gap store near you.

[Images via PR NEWSWIRE]