In the quest for the ultimate kids’ play cabin, there are options ranging from tents and forts to treehouses and hobbit holes, with a thousand variations in between. My own childhood play house was one of those cutesy sheds with a flowery windowsill and musty carpets, which both delighted and horrified me at turns. Fortunately, there are some spectacular, eco-friendly options out there that anyone young or old would enjoy playing in, and one of them is the strikingly designed, cozy little NOA cabin.

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Created by Estonian designer Jaanus Orgusaar, NOA is a rhombic dodecahedron: a geometric shape with 12 faces. It’s actually a shape commonly found in nature, primarily in honeycombs and precious gemstones like garnets and diamonds, and Orgusaar harnessed that startlingly cool natural geometry to create these cabins (with sustainable materials and non-toxic stains/paints, no less!) each of which have 250 square feet in which to play. They have large, round “fish eye” windows, and the seemingly rounded interiors are beautifully airy and roomy.

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One of the best things about NOA is that it’s modular, so additional cabins can be attached to it in order to expand the interior space. A single cabin would provide more than enough space for a couple of grade school kids to hang out in, while two or three cabins could create a veritable summer getaway for older children, allowing each one to have their own play area, plus a shared common room. Did someone say idyllic family cottage getaway? Just add some kid-sized furniture, some activity books, toys, and art supplies and kids will be able to enjoy their very own outdoor play space. Hey, if you help them establish their own garden area nearby, they just might stay outside all summer long!

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All images via the Janus Orgusaar Facebook page