gDiapers has just unveiled what may well be their sweetest gPants to date in their lovely Graceful Rose and Gallant Stripe designs. The limited edition Graceful Rose gPants are darling gray with sweet pink adornments including a pastel pink rose poof and charming lacy gLabel. Gallant Stripe is a classic design in the spirit of rugby with subtle grays and eye-popping dashes of red and navy. Both styles, like all gPants are cute and comfy, made with gBreathe™ technology that helps fight rashes. Little gPants are reusable diaper covers that come with one waterproof and breathable pouch that you can snap in and out for added convenience and less laundry — and they are available in small, medium and large sizes. Get your limited edition Graceful Rose or Gallant Stripe today before they’re gone.

+ Graceful Rose little gPants $26.99

+ Gallant Stripe little gPants $21.99

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