gDiapers just get cuter and cuter; don’t they?! Their newest fall flavors include the stellar Game Day and the sweetly adorable Garden Party. Both of these new little gPants prints are as eco-friendly as ever, made of breathable gBreathe™ waterproof technology material, just like sports clothing that helps keep your little one’s skin dry and diaper-rash-free. Each of these new styles also comes with the signature little gPant pouch, a unique feature that sets gPants apart and means less washing, and faster and easier changes. As always, gDiapers stretch easily around your little one’s waist and legs, securing soundly with soft velcro tabs. Of course, the new designs are also free from elemental chlorine, perfumes, latex and disposable diaper toss-away guilt. See these new beautiful diaper styles and plenty of other gDiapers bling at gDiapers’ website.

+ Game Day little gPants $19.99

+ Garden Party little gPants $19.99

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