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The gUniversity tee, which comes in sizes 3-6 months to 2T, is baby’s version of that soft, worn-in college T-shirt you wear on casual Sunday mornings at home. Send the cuteness quotient through the roof by making it an ensemble — pairing it with the gUniversity little gPants.

Also available in sizes 3-6 months to 2T, the gSweet dress has cozy long sleeves and a cheery flower pocket. The aptly named dress coordinates with an array of hues of gPants, or achieves a perfect match with the gSweet little gPants.

gLegs are a wonderfully clever accessory for babies because they not only keep arms and legs warm, they help protect little knees while baby scoots along during the crawling phase. They last from infancy through toddlerhood, and once tiny dancer’s go off to dance class, they may be worn over tights for style or warmth.

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