Trying to give a baby a dose of medicine is like attempting to catch hold of a greased pig (not that we’d know from first hand experience exactly). Tiny tots twist out of mom’s arms or they refuse to open their little mouths, or they spit out the entire dose — we’ve had to resort to some pretty sneaky means to give our kids the medicine they need to get better. Pacidose may be the answer to all of our medicine-giving problems — because  “just a spoonful of sugar” sure isn’t making the medicine go down in the most delightful way. Pacidose is a doctor-designed device that looks like a pacifier and feels like a pacifier, so little ones will happily suck away and be soothed while you gradually dispense the medicine into their mouth. Simply attach any standard oral syringe to the BPA-free and latex-free Pacidose and distribute the accurate, recommended dose. The medicine slides through the narrow tube down the center of the Pacidose and into your child’s mouth, targeting the back of the tongue where there are fewer taste buds. Inspired by her own young daughter’s binkie love and her years as an ER doctor watching kids fight the medication process, Dr. Scoville gets major points from us for creating a safe, healthy, and painless way to help our tots heal.

+ Pacidose $12.99