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Enjoy it while it lasts kid...

Forest Park, GA has issued a new law that makes it illegal to breastfeed any child older than two years of age in public, calling the act public indecency. notes, “Previously, the city only had a public indecency ordinance that covered adult entertainment businesses.” Whew, I’m glad to hear that the city will now be safe from both adult entertainment and breastfeeding. What’s almost as disturbing as the new law though, is that the majority of Forest Park council members, who I’m guessing voted for this new law, are women.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment. states that city manager John Parker likes the new law. In fact, Parker told the news site, “It sets up a process whereby we can try to control nudity throughout the entire city.” Considering that only 9.7% of mothers in Georgia breastfeed exclusively past the 6 month mark, this law not only seems beyond lame, but out of touch with the sort of breastfeeding support the state needs. Personally, I’m wondering how they’re going to hunt down these nursing toddler delinquents. In my experience, two-year-olds rarely carry official identification. Good luck with that Forest Park!

Not down with the new ban? Why not attend a nurse-in at Forest Park city hall. There’s one happening Monday June 6, 2011 – 6pm to 8pm.

[image © Flickr user dlisbona]