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The old, monochromatic ultrasounds have gone the way of black-and-white television. Now, doctors can use GE’s HDlive feature found on their Voluson equipment to show the fetus in an astounding amount of detail. Providing incredible realism and depth of perception, the platform not only provides parents with a miraculous window into the world of their developing baby, it also enables doctors to detect any health problems before birth.

“The imaging potential of these latest GE Healthcare innovations is unlike anything we’ve developed in the past,” said Karl-Heinz Lumpi, General Manager of Women’s Health Ultrasound for GE Healthcare. “Through the HDlive and Volume SRI technologies, we intend to make advanced women’s health imaging through ultrasound more prevalent and accessible.”

HDlive also supports a virtual light source that is able to cast shadows and create definition, highlighting every bump and crease. The software can compensate for speckled images, and calculate how light would reflect or be absorbed by tissue. This is made possible by using a second generation Dynamic Rendering Engine which can perform calculations equivalent to 20 times the power of a desktop PC. With the appearance close to a medical video, it is now possible to see mother and child like never before.

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